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Graphic Novel Online Launch: You're Invited!

During lockdown, we found that socially distanced creative conversations in Peel Park were a fantastic way of keeping connected and supporting our wellbeing. From those walks and talks came our collective vision to explore the history and ecology of Peel Park, to showcase its importance for human and non-human visitors, and its ongoing role in our environment as a precious green space. We will be sharing for the first time the artwork and interweaving stories which we’ve produced to celebrate our park. Authors and illustrators will introduce their contributions, explaining their collaborative process, which uses the concept of the Common Third as a way of bringing people together through a shared creative purpose. This work comes from a very special partnership between local charity, Loaves and Fishes, creative facilitator Ziggy’s Wish, and students and staff from the University of Salford. Attendees will be invited to view the novel, chat with its creators, learn more about Peel Park, and have the opportunity to get involved with future Creative Exchange projects.

What’s on offer? A 45-minute panel discussion, presenting the world premiere of a collaboratively produced graphic novel, written and illustrated by local people to explore the past and present of Peel Park. This will be an informal “show and tell” presentation with the opportunity to interact with and ask questions of the authors and illustrators. Following the discussion, there will be an optional round-table event in which participants and presenters are invited to reflect and develop ideas for future projects.

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